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Comparative Analysis of World Dies Market
Author:拉丝模 Date:2009年09月21日 From:振华拉丝模厂 
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BThe global main mold producer country including Asian areas Japan, South Korea and the mainland, as well as the Americas areas US, European areas Germany, this will introduce that outside various countries mold industry appearance, and comparative analysis various countries and our country are in the competitive power strong and the weak difference.

BThe global main mold producer country including Asian area's Japan, South Korea and the mainland, as well as the Americas area's US, European area's Germany, this will introduce that outside various countries' mold industry appearance, and comparative analysis various countries and our country are in the competitive power strong and the weak difference.
    First, various countries' industry appearance

    In the middle of the global main mold production and marketing country, the mainland mold counts and the being employed population are most, nearly 70% will be the State-owned business, the Foreign-funded enterprise also accounts for most, the large-scale mold factory staff population the approximately 600~700 people, has the scale to reach over a thousand person of companies, will transfer the investment by the great wild goose sea Fuji Kang the group (Foxconn) staff population the nearly 6,000 people most to have the representation, between the medium mold factory 150~300 people, the small mold factory also at least will have about 50 people, other national mold industry many by Small and medium-sized enterprise state management.

    On the product category, in 2002 Japanese and the mainland imbalance production flushed the die and the plastic mold, both output value sum total proportion reached as high as eight tenths, South Korea is biggest by other mold output value proportion, accounts for the total output value 47%. In using market aspect, Japan, South Korea, US and Germany take automobile mold as most staple product, but our country uses the mold by the electronic communication product primarily.

    Various countries left the unfavorable balance of trade condition according to 2002, Japanese, South Korean and Germany's mold was the strong/accurate favorable balance of trade, because the mainland and US's mold the domestic demand market was big, our country manufacturer was unable the complete supplies, must the affiliation import mold satisfy the downstream market the product manufacture, therefore was the strong/accurate unfavorable balance of trade. By 2002 various countries' main import and export nationality analysis, had the enormous relatedness with the region distribution, the import and export area is the neighbor country much, what but Japan was extraordinary was exports the area by the US primarily, but along with mainland China recent years the various downstreams industry fast development, had changes gradually develops the mainland market the tendency.

    In various countries' wages aspect, in 2002 made the mold industry white paper according to the American Country Trade bureau the survey result, by Germany when the firewood was highest, when technical personnel the firewood standard was $12.13~$19.28, the designers were $16.91~$25.26, among Japan and the US were situated, the mainland wages was lowest, the technical personnel yearly salary only $732~$5,853, the designers were only $2,927~$5,853, if compared take the highest yearly salary as the datum and Germany, then only could employ Germany technical personnel about approximately 38 days, from this might see the advanced countries and mainland China inexpensive payroll cost disparity like this big.

    Second, various countries' superior inferiority analysis

    Technological advance country like Japan, US, Germany and so on, regarding high accuracy and compound mold development, no matter in the designed capacity or the technique of manufacture, has the leading status, simultaneously also has the practice excellent technology to research and develop the talented person. And, the Japanese mold manufacturer technically takes seriously to polish and the abrasive machining system regulation, the German mold manufacturer by enhances the machine-finishing and the electric spark machining precision and the efficiency begins, reduces the manual processing the time. In market size, no matter the output value or the domestic demand decline obviously by Japan. In transport business cost, often faces the senior engineer capital, the high welfare's question, therefore the downstream industry either the mold manufacturer will produce the foothold to move gradually toward the neighbor emerging industrialized country or the technical less advanced country, reduces the labor cost, the enhancement price competitive power, but such tendency will often create the anxiety which the technology will flow out imperceptibly, will cause itself to invest the big pen research and development expense, will accelerate to promote the process technology and the high speed mechanical property, will enlarge the difference.

    By Taiwan, South Korean and mainland China, our country after the technical rise and fall in date moral excellence, but still surpassed South Korean and mainland China, simultaneously also leads in the output velocity, but South Korean and mainland China recent several year marketed production and the demand scale present the growth trend, especially in the mainland China mold industry fast development, the various countries' well-known big plant enters and is stationed in the production equipment, promotes the mold development strength and designed capacity imperceptibly. Because the cost aspect, mainland China and South Korea have the relatively low manpower cost advantage, therefore regarding the mold selling price, often adopts the low price marketing to enter the market, also therefore in the global booming unsatisfactory situation, the success seizes the market buyer the favor, the most obvious example is the value of exports rising trend.

    Third, conclusion

    Is as for the whole, as a result of various countries' mold entrepreneur, many by small and medium-sized enterprise state management, therefore, in the working capital raises on often encounters difficultly, if the anarchy policy support and tax affairs' preferential measure, the mold entrepreneur will form plays singles fights alone with the condition which fights single-handedly, idle talk and international market competition. Besides the mainland and South Korea, various countries face the labor cost high pressure, therefore only has enhances the product value added to be able to get rid of the low cost the pressure of competition.

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