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High Crystal Dies
Author:Wire Drawing Dies Date:September-16-2008 From:Zhenhua Wire Drawing Dies Factory 

 The high crystal pattern domestic development's artificial diamond product, imitates the import crystal combination in recent years the product, it is in the man-made crystal combination foundation, strengthened degree of hardness and the density, the crystallinity is evener, the molecular arrangement structure has reasonably, reduced has fallen grain and roughness. This product is under Gao Jing, the high pressure produces, therefore the heat resistance reaches as high as 1200℃, is substitutes the import crystal combination the good product, it not only has the rough diamond resistance to wear and degree of hardness, and has the good out of roundness, its fine grain crystallized for the end product silk has provided the high radiance.

This factory's wiredrawing mold quality is high, the life is long, the reasonable price, uses the filament which this company's wiredrawing mold drawing comes out to have the surface smooth finish to be good, the wiredrawing efficiency higher characteristic, obtains the domestic and foreign numerous wire rod manufacture manufacturer approval. This product has exported overseas, the depth attains the user to welcome.

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