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Tungsten carbide dies
Author:Wire Drawing Dies Date:September-16-2008 From:Zhenhua Wire Drawing Dies Factory 

Tungsten carbide dies are a wise economical choice for steel wire and other large-size wire drawing applications that make cost savings a priority over die wear resistance and wire surface finish.

We take tungsten carbide according to its unique features and manufacturing process (conventional and pressure sintering, static sintering) as raw material. It features high hardness, good heat transfer, low friction coefficient, and high corrosion resistance. It is applicable to draw metal wires and bars.


Advantages of Tungsten carbide dies

  1. Excellent corrosive wear resistance.
  2. Available in a large range of sizes.
  3. Very cost-effective production.


Typical  Applications of Tungsten carbide dies
Ideal for most ferrous wires, large diameters and applications where corrosive wear is the primary cause of die failure.

Examples:Carbon steel wire of all sizes, tire cord and welding wire


The hard alloy wiredrawing mold (tungsten carbide dies) uses the high quality hard alloy to make the mold core, has degree of hardness to be high, the thermal conductivity is good, the friction coefficient is small. The hard alloy wiredrawing mold manufacture is simple, the corrosion resistance, anti-impulse, the low in price is this product outstanding feature, is suitable in the ferrous metal, the great size wire rod drawing, as well as wiredrawing condition bad situation use.

This factory's wiredrawing mold quality is high, the life is long, the reasonable price, uses the filament which this company's wiredrawing mold drawing comes out to have the surface smooth finish to be good, the wiredrawing efficiency higher characteristic, obtains the domestic and foreign numerous wire rod manufacture manufacturer approval. This product has exported overseas, the depth attains the user to welcome.

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